Put a spring in your step and a rug on your head!

National Bald Day









Quit Suffering and Start Succeeding!

Your self-image has floundered, your drive to make a difference has diminished, & your ability to maintain meaningful employment has grinded to a halt. Every morning you wake up and notice that you are lacking that confidence which made you famous in high school. You get lost in fanciful dreams of past. You fondly recall your arm around the prettiest gal in the cafeteria. You reminisce about your once flowing locks and your clever limericks. But, when that alarm wakes you up in the morning, you know it was a just a fading memory.

Behold.... for there is THE RUGged MAN!



A revolutionary breakthrough in advanced hair therapy...

which is based on science and technology

(... actually a few night classes and some on-line remedial training courses. Of course, we've got our high school diploma.)


Our Motto...Profits before Quality

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